Computer Expert

How to become a computer Expert ??

1.Master the Computer Hardware
You've to be a pro in computer hardwares.Master the words that are used while dealing with computers.If you've a problem and you surf internet for the solution
and you should understand the terms and solutions they give.Be prepared to fix. Every time your computer goes wrong, resign yourself to fixing it yourself. You have the 

Internet now and visiting tech support forums will allow you to communicate with others who have had the same problem.

2.Step by step you need to learn. 
Starting with 'Windows' system is better and easier approach. Learn each and every basic functionality of Windows. Start working with "Windows Registry". If you own a 

Mac, then OSX will be the default for you, but don't fret. It is very easy to master and get familiar with.

3.Know the fundementals and History of Computers

4.Master programming Languages like C,C++ etc

5.Learn Windows Programming with Visual Studio

6.Learn the basics of Linux

7.Learn Shell scripting well enough. Try to remember most of the commands and filters. Use 'vi' editor instead of 'gedit' or such type of GUI editors.

8.Learn Computer Architecture, Operating System Basics.

9.when you have finished all the above, it will be best time to join a Computer Hardware and Networking Course.

10.After you have done all mentioned above you will be able to troubleshoot most of the general issues and will be referred to as an "Computer Expert" to everyone around you.


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