Thursday, December 30, 2010

25 Random Facts About Twitter

Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.

Twttr was the first name given to Twitter inspired by Flickr and the fact than American SMS codes are five characters.

Twitter beta was launched on 31 March 2006 on Evan Williams(one of the founders) birth day. was re-branded as in October 2006.

21 March 2006, first tweet was sent be Jack Dorsey that read ‘Just setting up my twttr‘.

June 2006, was launched for public.

February 2007, 140 character limit was introduced.

April 2007, Twitter was created as a separate company.

28th may 2010, Twitter introduced the status blog to communicate with users about service and issues.

7th May 2008, Twitter started blacklisting spammers.

24% of Twitter users have 0 followers and 81% of twitter users have less than 100 followers.

Twitter users are sending 55 million tweets per day which makes it 640 tweets a second.

Twitter search engine gets 600 million queries a day.

Thursday and Friday are the most active days at twitter, accounting 16% of total tweets.

USA has most twitter users (33.3%) followed by India (8.2%) and Japan (7.1%).

Developers have created 70,000 applications using Twitter API.

Twitter has 175 employees.

Twitter has more than 106 Million registered accounts and 300,000+ new users register daily.

There are more women (55%) than men (45%) users on twitter.

More than half of Twitter users tweet without going to (using mobile phones, apps etc).

Britney Spears is the top twitter user with 5,250,798 followers, Ashton Kutcher is number two with 5,184,305 followers and Ellen DeGeneres on nmuber 3 having 4,803,480 followers. Lady Gaga is on number 4th while Barack Obama is 5th (Numbers taken today).

All of the top 10 twitter users are celebrities.

US Attorney General Mark Shurtleff announced convicted killer Ronnie Lee Gardner’s execution by Utah firing squad (first execution of its kind in 14 years in US) on Twitter.

A NASA astronaut, Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer, made history by sending the first message from space that reads ‘Hello Twitterverse! We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station — the 1st live tweet from Space! : ) More soon, send your ?s’. This happened after NASA upgraded their system to grant Space Station astronauts direct personal access to the Web.

If you print all tweets on Twitter, it will require 350 Million sheets of paper and if you want to read all tweets it will take you 2912 years to go through them.

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