Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kavalan review: Vijay, Asin rocks

Director Siddique's much awaited Pongal release flick Kavalan hits the theater on January 15

Vijay and Asin starrer Kaavalan is real entertainer from Sidique. The film is strange imagination of a guy, who becomes loyal to anyone easily.

Kavalan review:

Vijay has been playing Bhoominathn in the film while his love interest Asin is playing a role of liquor baron's daughter Meera. Bhoominathan, who loves heroism, encounters with a former liquor baron and leading businessman.

Bhoominath becomes fan of the businessman and joins him as bodyguard to protect his beautiful daughter Asin (Meera).

Gradually duo falls in love without knowing to each other. However, duo separated forcefully. To know what happened to this love story, you have to visit the theaters.

The first half of the movie is very much entertaining but it takes sudden turn in the second half. The climax will definitely more shocking.

I will publish the detailed Kalavan review soon.

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