Monday, October 14, 2013

BSNL Broadband Error Codes and their Solutions

Error- 678
This is the most common problems. It is due to poor connectivity.
1. Switch off / Switch on Modem (Power Switch at the back of modem) and wait for 2 minutes. Then retry.
2. If problem is still not solved then
A) Check link lamp in Black type Modem or WAN lamp in White Modem. If it is blinking, then it is line problem.
B) Check Modem to splitter connectivity.
i) Remove & Connect the cable of / to the modem and to the splitter
ii) Remove & Connect the telephone connection of the splitter.
3. If lamp is still blinking - then it is due to poor line condition / fault. Call lineman for line change.
4. Check for Virus in Your PC.
5. Disable Firewall in your PC.

6. Reinstall Windows
Error- 691
User id and Password problem.
1.Enter correct username and password spellings as details are case sensitive.
2.Make new Dialer.
3.The case is to be Booked in Dotsoft  with note “User id and Password problem”
4.Call NIB for resetting password.

Error- 769

LAN not enabled.
1.The LAN Card has to be enabled by following the steps given below.
i) Go to Desktop.
ii) Right Click “My Network Place".
iii) Click  Select Properties.
iv) Right click on LAN Icon Click "Enable the local network".

If using USB cable then Install Modem's USB Cable Driver.

Error- 797

Modem or LAN driver problem
1.Check computer LAN Card driver or Modem connectivity.
2.Check for Viruses or corrupt TCP/IP Files
Error- 718

This problem occurs if loading is high on the system and number of customers exceed the call handling capacity of system
Error - 630-633
 Computer LAN Card problem.
LAN Card has to be changed

Error- 735
 Dialer problem
Make New Dialer.
Error - 720
 Dialer or Virus problem
Make New Dialer
Check for Virus in your PC..
Reinstall Windows
Error- 676
Modem Configuration problem
Give Correct IP Address to LAN card
Change PVC 0/35 to Bridge Mode instead of PPPOE mode


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