Monday, October 14, 2013

Ethical Hacker From Raipur in Google's 'Security hall of Fame'

Monendra Sahu, a young mining engineer from National Institute of Technology (NIT-Raipur) has the distinction of hacking websites of Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Blackberry, Yahoo and many others and is now listed in the "Security Hall of Fame".

Advising caution to internet users, Sahu said, "There are websites which are highly vulnerable and can easily be hacked. I informed them about the loopholes in their security systems. After they verified my claims, they included me in the list."

On privacy measures that are recommended by various websites, Monendra said, "Indian websites are highly vulnerable. In fact, big names like Gmail and Facebook are also witnessing frequent security breaches."

"Online banking is a big threat, as it makes things easier for hackers. Algorithm science makes it easy for them to trace your ATM card number or password. During online transactions, one is often asked to provide credit card details, which can be traced by a hacker. I would suggest internet users, to lessen their number of logins to avoid such misuse", he added.

On vulnerability of wireless networks like wi-fi, Sahu said, "Wi-fi networks available for public use in places such as colleges, offices etc are more vulnerable."


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