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Unknown Facts about Heath Ledger as Joker

Ledger's interpretation of The Joker's appearance was primarily based on the chaotic, disheveled look of punk rocker Sid Vicious combined with the psychotic mannerisms of Malcolm McDowell's character, Alex De Large, from A Clockwork Orange. 
Christopher Nolan and his co-writers, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer, made the decision very early on not to explore The Joker's origins. This was so the character could be presented as an "absolute" 
The Joker make-up was composed of three pieces of stamped silicone, which took less than an hour to apply to Heath Ledger on each day of shooting. Ledger described it as "new technology which is much quicker to apply than regular prosthetics"; he felt he was not wearing any make-up at all. 
Once she knew Heath Ledger had been cast as The Joker, costume designer Lindy Hemming based the character's attire off of an eclectic line-up of clothing styles, ranging from Vivienne Westwood to John Lydon to Iggy Pop to Pete Doherty to Alexander McQueen. Hemming's aim was to modify The Joker's familiar appearance with "a younger, trendier look", in order to represent Ledger's generation. 
As the Joker (Heath Ledger) waits quietly alone in jail after having been arrested by Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), Mayor Garcia (Nestor Carbonell) shows up to look over Gotham's latest scourge. While there he also promotes Gordon to the position of Commissioner. As the officers in the room applaud the announcement Ledger begins, unscripted, to slowly clap - never changing his facial expression. It was just a simple improvisation but one that was unsettling and darkly brilliant. 
Originally, the Joker (Heath Ledger) was supposed to walk down the street while the explosion at the hospital began, get on the school bus during the scripted pause, and the bus would drive away while the explosion finished.However, Ledger stopped walking during the pause and in a moment of improvisation began fidgeting with the remote detonator in a very Joker-esque manner - bringing a slight amount of dark humor to what would have just been a serious scene. 
The Joker's face paint was reportedly designed by Heath Ledger himself, who used white clown makeup and cosmetics from a drugstore. Once his design was approved, the makeup team was responsible for replicating the look each day for filming. 
The Joker's distinctive tongue flip grew out of Heath Ledger's own habit of doing that. 
During the chase scene, when the Joker takes over driving the semi after his driver is killed, the bullet holes on the windshield form a smiley face. 
In the Italian version of Batman, Jack Nicholson's voice was dubbed by actor Giancarlo Giannini. In this movie, Heath Ledger was voiced by Giannini's son Adriano Giannini, with the result that Italian audience felt a connection between the two Jokers since the voices are very similar. 
In their face to face confrontations, neither Batman nor Joker refer to one another by name. 
Many cast members in this film have worked with the siblings of other cast members. Heath Ledger had previously worked with Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain. Maggie Gyllenhaal had worked with Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile, as had Aaron Eckhart in Erin Brockovich. 
Trouble arose during a PR campaign before the movie's release,when a website related to the film sent out several cakes purportedly from The Joker, containing a cell phone inside which made the cake vibrate, and had wires sticking out, making the cake look like a bomb. One such news station which received one of the cakes, believed it to be an actual terrorist act, and the entire building had to be evacuated. 
When Harvey Dent is being transferred, his holding vehicle is attacked by The Joker with various guns. One gun is an RPG and a SWAT member is heard asking if it is a bazooka - which is a signature weapon of The Joker's girlfriend/partner in crime - Harley Quinn. 
The Joker (Heath Ledger) falling from the Prewitt building mirrors a scene from the very first Joker story in 'Batman' #1 (Spring, 1940) in which the Joker falls from a penthouse scaffolding, but is caught by the Batman.

The Joker's mask during the initial bank robbery is almost exactly the same as the mask worn by Cesar Romero when hijacking a performance of Pagliacci in the original TV series. 
Paul Bettany, Lachy Hulme, Adrien Brody, Steve Carell and Robin Williams all publicly expressed interest in playing the Joker, little knowing that Christopher Nolan always had Heath Ledger in mind. 
While the film is dedicated to Heath Ledger, it also bears a dedication to Conway Wickliffe, a stuntman who was killed when the car he was driving crashed. 
In a show of respect for the late Heath Ledger and his superb performance in “The Dark Knight,” the Joker is never mentioned in “The Dark Knight Rises. 
Michael Caine (Alfred) had never seen Heath Ledger’s Joker before filming the scene where the Joker crashes Bruce Wayne’s party (the part where he throws Rachel out the window). Ledger scared Caine so much that he actually forgot his lines from the script. 
he Joker leaves a trail of bodies a mile long in “The Dark Knight,” but surprisingly he never looks at them. In fact, he only ever sets eyes on three of his victims (the pencil guy, a cop by his semi-truck and another cop in the hospital). 
Heath Ledger is the youngest actor to have played the Joker. 
In an interview, Heath Ledger said that the Joker was his favorite role. 
During the hospital scene, when The Joker is dressed as a nurse, his name tag reads Matilda, after Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda Ledger. 
In Batman Batman uses the grapple gun on the Joker, causing him to fall to his death. In this film, Batman also uses the grapple gun on the Joker, this time to save him from falling. 
The infamous interrogation scene originally ended with Batman, after getting the information he needs from the Joker and dropping him on the ground, quickly kicking the Joker in the head right before he leaves to save Rachel, almost as an afterthought. However, this part was removed in editing because director Christopher Nolan felt the action seemed "a little too petulant for Batman". 

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