Saturday, October 12, 2013

VampireStat,Adsensewatchdog shows false Traffic Stats on my blog

If you're a blogger,you might've come around  a situation where your blog's views increase at a very faster rate than usual.When you look at the Stats,you will see that most of the traffic
is from VampireStat,Adsensewatchdog etc sites.You might wonder what those sites are doing on your blog.The real danger is when you click on those links to know about them from where all your traffic comes.When you click on those links,you're actually visiting a potentially danger site.The traffic on your site is caused by the automated bots of those sites who frequently visit other sites to gain traffic for their own site.The annoying part about these bots are when you visit back their site,your blog's traffic increase exponentially which is actually not a genuine user. In worst case scenarios, these sites even inject malwares into our system.There is nothing we can do to prevent those bots from visiting our sites.Only thing we can do is to avoid visiting back those sites.

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