Friday, November 15, 2013

12 Awesome iPhone Apps You Haven't Heard Of


With so many new apps coming out each day for the iPhone, it's hard to keep up with all the latest and greatest ones. It's very possible that you missed some great ones that could make your life a lot easier. Clear some space on that iPhone, because you're going to need it for these 12 awesome apps you haven't heard of!
First off, why not get paid to watch TV? With Viggle you earn free rewards for checking in and Tweeting during your favorite shows.
Price: Free

iMotion HD

Make your own stop-motion videos and become a YouTube sensation with iMotion HD!

Price: Free


Scoople uses the power of social networking to deliver the most important news and lets you voice an opinion on it!

Price: Free

Scanner911 Police Radio Pro

If you're looking for a little excitement, then use this app to tune into police frequencies!

Price: $1.99

My Secret Folder

My Secret Folder adds an additional level of security to your phone that actually emails you a picture and the location of the intruder!
Price: $0.99

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Stop using the regular alarm function on the iPhone, and use this app instead to get that well-rested feeling!
Price: $0.99


Are you a fan of Craigslist? Then don't hesitate to pick up this app that's actually better than the real website!
Price: $0.99 Dinner Spinner Pro

If you need to figure out what to make for dinner, turn to this app for all the answers!
Price: $2.99

JotNot Scanner Pro

It's a hassle to find and use an actual document scanner these days, so just get this app which is faster and easier!
Price: $1.99


The latest version of Trulia is hard to beat if you're looking to buy or rent property!
Price: Free

Translator with Speech

This great translation app can translate English text or speech into 54 different languages and will even speak the translation for you!
Price: Free


This app is essential for any frequent traveler. It keeps track of real-time flight info and even the global position of the plane!
Price: $4.99

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