Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LGs New Technology to Create a Revolution among Videography

Now a hilarious new video highlights the amazing new technology that allows you to ensure steadier shooting on a smartphone this Christmas.

And thanks to its feathered star the film is sure to leave you tickled.

In LG’s fun promo a cameraman called Dave is obsessed with finding the holy grail of fabulous footage – a super sharp, stable image whatever the situation.

But, after watching a clip online, Dave realises that when a chicken’s body moves its head can stay level.

So he’s invented a way of getting great shots every time…using a helmet cam attached to the head of his pet chicken, Lizzy!

And when his homemade ‘Galluscam’ device is worn by the bird it always records stunning images.

In the ad we see Lizzy doing everything from filming on board a motorbike to recording the action at a rock concert and even shooting as it rides the rapids in a canoe!

The chuckle filled spoof was inspired by the latest, real-life technology in the LG G2 smartphone, the ideal partner for your own adventures.

It’s main high resolution, 13-megapixel camera has in built optical image stabilization which helps you get better pictures without worrying about wobbling or shaking while you shoot.

The fabulous feature means that you can be sure of smoother pictures and videos on your phone wherever you are.

The OIS technology in the LG G2 helps prevent blurring when you’re on the move and helps you get sharper frames in low light conditions too.

Packing all the other features you’d expect in a top smartphone the LG G2 is the perfect piece of kit to help you make the most of those not to be forgotten moments this winter.

See the video here…

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