Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Common Mistakes People do which results in Adsense account Ban :

Like a Trust once broken never rebuilds,a banned adsense account is very difficult to get reinstated.An adsense user must be cautious about his activity which may decide his adsense future.Some common
mistakes people make are

1. Suspicious Clicks

Google Adsense TOS clearly says that Clicking on your own ads or requesting others to click on your is illegal.Sometimes you may be sabotaged.A third party may decide to degrade your account by
continuously clicking on your ads which can cause banning of your adsense account.Google allows adsense account holders to report such activities here
The list of Suspicious clicks can be obtained from Google analytics.

If your Google AdSense account gets banned because of invalid activity, you can appeal to Google using this form

2.Publicizing your earnings from Adsense

It is not advised to post your earnings details as a screenshot.If you do so,you should be sure that it does not include any account information like your earnings numbers, your e-mail, and your Google AdSense ID.

3.Copyright infringement

If a DMCA report is filed on your website,your adsense account will be permanently banned without any further notice.Preserve your online legacy by only producing good and original content.
This will also be the best way to get traffic and increase your Google AdSense earnings.

4.Fake Traffic

This includes Participating in link farms or link exchange directories,traffic exchange programs.
Using doorways, page cloaking and other similar techniques to get higher search engine rankings and to misdirect your visitors are also illegal.

5.Mutlitple Adsense Accounts

Currently, Google only allows one Google AdSense account per person or entity.Trying to trick Google into giving you multiple AdSense accounts can get all of your accounts banned.
If you have accidentally applied for multiple Google AdSense accounts, then it is best to write to them and apologize for your mistake.Try to post your ads only on your sites.


Google Adsense does not allow to place your ads on sites containing pornographic contents including violent,adult and racist content.For even better protection,
you can go to AdSense Setup >> Allowed Sites on your Google AdSense page to restrict your Google AdSense-ID to only trusted websites.
Bad comments on your posts can also cause danger to your account.

7.Modification of Adsense Advertisements

You are not allowed to edit the ads google provide for you publish on your site at any instance.You are also not allowed to put other ads that look similar to that of adsense.
You are not allowed to put advertisements in pop-ups, emails or software.

8.No Privacy Policy

Google requires all AdSense sites to put a cookie disclosure notice in their privacy policy.

AdSense publishers must have and abide by a privacy policy that discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users' browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on your website.

~~ [Excerpt from Google AdSense Program Policies]

This only applies to AdSense publishers that run their own site, such as a personal website or a personal blog.

Keep these things in your mind while using adsense and keep your account forever


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