Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to change website address of an adsense account while re-applying

Many of you might have come across a situation where your first request for adsense was rejected.Then One day you changed your website address and when you come to apply again for adsense approval,
you'll be treated with a form filling page where the default webpage is set to your old webpage which is no longer up.There is no way you can change that address by default.BTW, You can change
it by a simple method.
1.Go to Google blogger with your first account
2.Click Settings<<Basic
  Below it you can see permissions tab.Click on +Add authors.You can add there your alternate email id and click Invite authors.
  An email will be dispatched to your new email id.Accept invitation there and your new account will be granted permission to post on your blog.Go to first account and click Settings<<Basic.
3.Change the status of new user to admin.The new account will be now able to post on your blog.Login with the second account and Go to earnings and apply for adsense.
4.You'll be treated with a form where your primary website address will be your newly changed site's address.


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