Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to Get Rid of Winrar Reminder

Winrar always show us a reminder saying “Please purchase Winrar licence” at the every startup of winrar, it’s irritating. It notify our trial/ evaluation period. It can be patched using ollydbg.
Open ollydbg and open winrar in it.
Now search for text string. “Reminder”. To do so right click in olldbg and search for All referenced text sting. A new window [Text strings referenced in winRAR::text] will open, right click on in that and click Search for text.Now a search box open enter reminder there.
Now that we got that code that display REMINDER, double click on that it will take u to the mian program code.
Now look for jump just before the code starts. There is jump JE SHORT 00441219,if we follow the jump lets see where it goes, to do this simply press Enter on the jump.
Lets change jump from JE SHORT 00441219 to JMP SHORT 00441219 so that it noe becomes JUMP instead of JUMP EQUAL. To do that double click on that statement and change it. Then click Assemble ,then Cancel.
Lets save what we did. To do so right click in olldbg and then go to Copy to executable, then click All modifications. Then click copy all. Close the shown window and click YES. over write it with existing file. If you have a backup copy of that else save it with other name.
Now open WinRar it will not show any reminder.

This tutorial is for educational purposes only.

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