Friday, November 8, 2013

What Happens if u Run 2 Antivirus in Your System ?

Many of you might have a question about having 2 antivirus running in a system.Many might think this will increase your system's security when you install 2 antivirus back to back into your system.The basic function of an antivirus is to block external agents running on your pc.If both the av have monitoring enabled,they fight over resources causing a loss of performance of your system.Also in rare cases it can cause crashes if the real time monitoring is going for the same resource at the same time.Also antivirus software generally runs at the hightly trusted kernel level of the operating system,creating a potential risk for the system.But 2 Security tools have to be enabled in your system,Antivirus and a firewall.Next time don't try to install 2 antivirus in your system.Select a better antivirus from the list.

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